How to deal with terrorism

How to deal with terrorismTerrorism has been here for years. And all that we do is – Talk! Whenever there is a terror attack, the government takes precautionary measures for few months.

The ideal way to deal with terrorism is education. Illiteracy has brought a lot of issues anyway.
  • Terrorism is one amongst them. People need to know the harm terrorism causes. One of the reasons behind terrorism is religion.
  • People blindly believe in religion without having the need to know its preaching’s.
  • The hype created is another issue. The media creates so much of hype of the security measures that the terrorists become cautious.
  • Terrorism needs to be dealt peacefully. Becoming nervous is not going to help. Government needs to be diligent and be able to anticipate any attacks.
  • Few people create havoc by giving hoax calls. This should not be done.
  • All countries must cooperate with each other in order to deal with terrorism.
  • Utmost security measures should be taken in public places like hospitals, airports, railways station etc. this should be irrespective of the size and popularity of the public place.
  • The victims of the family must be supported not just in monetary terms, But also emotionally. Money cannot replace the lost one. However a moral support and a security can.
  • All countries need to be a little more organized in terms of politics, traffic and other communal issues.
If a terrorist attack occurs, people should not panic. They must help the victims in order to deal with it.
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How to deal with terrorism.
Terrorist attacks have become a mundane affair.Whenever there is an attack at any place of the world the government becomes alert and they start taking precautionary measures but this donot continue for long hardly few months. So this way we cant stop terrorism , we need to deal with it tactfully .Firstly we need to spread awareness among people of what are the reasons behind these attacks and consequences of it.
Illiteracy should be cured and mainly the attacks takes place due to religion issues so these ignorant people should be made aware of these stupidity behind attacks.
Aditi Bose 03-29-2016
Are we getting fooled
Guys terrorism is one of the major issues as it brings destruction to various resources along with the users of them.But what we should think is that why government is not taking appropriate actions including military actions at mass level.Guys i think that we are fooled as the involvements of big nations in this no shame game gives a new phase to terrorism.Points have been raised against governments of various nations for being involved in this heinous act of terrorism,by supporting them through resources.Thankfully Indian government is out of this allegation till now.So,if we want to really destroy terrorism we need to find what is really causing terrorism to grow exponentially.Guys give it a thought.
Harcharan Singh 01-4-2015
Group Discussion- How to deal with terrorism
Terrorism is spreading like a virus and engulfing the whole world inside it. It has brought lot of disastrous changes worldwide and destroyed many emotions. To eradicate and deal with terrorism all the countries must step forward and come to a solution or make a policy to solve the problem. Advanced technology should be used like satellites to track the terrorist and there hiding places. Lots of secret searches should be carried out to find the hide outs of the terrorist groups. Worldwide the knowledge of terrorism should be passed to each and every citizen and also the knowledge to fight it. Countries should bring equal right to all the religions and people. Government should also search the countries supporting terrorism and ask the help of other countries to find out the groups and terrorists from there and destroy it.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012