Live-in relationships should be encouraged

Live-in relationships should be encouraged


Live-in relationship should be encouraged because it can be the best way to know your partner. In this form of relationship, partners live with each other without being married.
  • The likes and dislikes of the partner are known.
  • They have all the time with each other because there is no social obligation to fulfill.
  • If the couple feels they are not compatible they can easily separate without any guilt or harm.
  • If married, it could be one of the ways cut down on divorce rates.
  • A sense of maturity is developed amongst the partners which helps them in being with each other later in life.

The biggest drawback of a Live-in relationship is the social stigma in Indian society. People have yet not accepted this form of relationship.
  • Because there is no social responsibility, the partner is free. He/she may make misuse of this fact and constantly change partners.
  • Live-in relations can definitely hurt sentiments of many communities.
  • In a country like India, where love is not merely give and take, its doubtful that living relationships can succeed.
  • When the couple is married, they may not be able to live up to the social and domestic responsibilities which they could casually bypass while in a living relationship.
  • A Live-in relationship is not as open in India. It may cause a sense of discomforts to people living around.
  • Most of the times, living relationships goes against the family. By the time the family accepts, the couple may loose interest in each other!
A live-in relationship is a mutual agreement between two partners who agree to stay with each other without marriage. They live together as a couple to find if they are compatible. If they feel they are not compatible, they separate.

Live-in relationships should be encouraged as it gives the partners a chance to understand each other. The partners are free from any social obligations and can hence live without any guilt. They reduce the number of divorces and the mental torture families go through. It reduces domestic violence as the partner can leave anytime.

Drawbacks of a living relationship are quite evident – the social stigma attached. Country like India is not ready to accept such a form of a relationship. The level of compatibility before marriage becomes entirely different after marriage. Hence problems can occur anyway.

Commitment is an important aspect of any relation. In live-in relationship commitment is only mutual as there is no social thumbnail attached to it. Hence the partners need to really understand each other very well. Any relationship, whether a live-in or marriage should ensure that it causes no domestic violence. Domestic violence leads to mental imbalance and psychological differences in children.
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live in relationship
yes,i am totally with live in relationship..but in our culture people see only the bad side of this..but according to me,it is good..bcoz by this the divorce rate is gradually decreased..and there are other so many importance...
sonali awasthi 07-8-2017
living relationship
human domestic volience is not a new news now a day.
each day we come to hear cses where women commits a suiside as she

was unhappy with his husband.
so this walk in and walk out relationship has giving some freedom to

the opposite sex a freedom to select their own partner of there

they can have have a freedom of selection of their man of there

live in gives you change to understand the person
this will weakening of the pathriarchal society as this will lead to

women empowerment
this will also help in eradicate the social evils like dowry system n household voilence.
a sence of maturity develops among the partner and they get a pre-

head start in their life in a n early age

living relationship is a type of relationship where no bonds and

string are attached to the couples living with each other.
if they find out that they cant stay out with each each other they

can simply break out without having any guilt or legitimate procedure
if they do not like each other company then they could move on as they

can not do this after marriage,because their are binded by law procedures
now a days every student in our society move out of their house and

start to live in a unknown city with unknown people in their

in that situation a person who stay with her an not ignoring the fact

that it is of opposite sex is a real help for him and the same goes

for girl.
they will have someone whom they can share their thoughts their

feeling and whom they can trust in this world

Shubham Kumar 02-23-2016
Live-in relationships to be encouraged
Being a part of this modern society,I agree to first experience live-in relationship before committing yourself for marriage. Live-in gives you a chance to understand a person, moreover, there is no binding on you which helps you to walk out of it without any trouble or consequences. Whereas, marriage brings hell lot of responsibility and complications.

However, in Indian context, we need to understand that it doesn't make a difference. As Indians believe in joint family concept. Moreover, they get confused and misunderstand Nuclear family; which as per them means living with your parents. As my friend Abhinav mentioned, that Indian marriages is not only justifies by husband and wife compatibility, it also includes the family where he/she suppose to live.
I wouldn't mind saying that girls are far more adjusting and adaptable than their counterparts, which is very evident in our society. Women managing home and office quite well and men unable to balance them and they end up inviting physical and mental diseases.
I would like to bring this conversation towards an end by saying that Indian culture would take a while to understand the importance of live-in relationship. Having said that, we can't be ignorant to the fact that metro cities have accepted it and supporting it.
Yogita 10-15-2014
live-in relationship:no room in india
i wana ask whts the problem with divorce???why we wana reduce it?? bcz it DESTROYS life of two people and their family.OK!let us elaborate this word"destroys"...the social image of the family of the two ppl is hampered.respect,dignity,in society is hampered.and the same happens after live-in relationships(in indian society).whts the difference??...couple meet in mall,parks,and they wana spend time with each other in a closed room without any restrictions of society,in the name of compatibility.which compatibility are they searching???is she flushes her toilet?or does he actualy wash his clothes??are they such relevant deciding factors fr a successful marriage??NO. now the main reason for divorces in 90%cases is the yamraj of the indian marriage system SAASU MAA.she is absent in the live-in thing.whts the point wen u say we will reduce divorces in india???i think the compatibility with the family is more imp than to check the compatibilty with the abt a live -in period of THE FUTURE SAAS-BAHU pair...?? saas and bahu live in together in a flat,in search of a tiny little bird called compatibility..and both foolish women dont know,there is no such bird.this idea fascinates issue is an issue of girls..bcz the stigma ultimately is on them,in our society.boys get clean chit.its a dark truth of our views on arrange marriages???? not that bad...!! lolz
abhinav 06-25-2012
Live in relation ship
Friends I respect your views, I want to mention that now we are in the era of globalization. globalization dosnt have barrier of countries. So we cant stop live in relation by only saying that it is against indian culture. It is a way to know a girl a boy each other well before marriage.every year no. of divorce is increasing because of marriage of people of difrrent mindset or wavelength. So If both of the partners are agree in liv in relatinoship it is good to cope up with each other before marriage. there is no social they can take decision which they think or which they moraly support in liv in relationship.
liv in relationship most of the time is seen as a way of getting physical legaly, but actualy it doesnot imply that.. It increases the bonding the realtionship before marriage without any social obligation from this they can decide that the relation is good for them or not.
No relation is perfect.. and never two persons mentality can be perfect..marriage teach us to adjust in a relation but liv in sometime leads to separation because there is no social obligation and both of them want to live life their own way
AVISHEK 01-12-2012