Preparation tips for Group Discussion

Preparation tips for Group Discussion

As you fill up a form for admission to an MBA institute or hear that a good company is coming to your college for campus recruitment, you think about the group discussion that you will have to clear to reach the next round of Personal Interview. Here are the answers to the questions you might have at this stage:

Why do companies or institutes conduct Group Discussion?

Companies or institutes conduct GD to find out the intelligent and smart candidates who have a sound knowledge and personal skills to handle any situation.

What traits do they look for in a candidate during the Group Discussion?

During the GD the candidates are evaluated for the following traits:
  • Knowledge base.
  • Alertness and presence of mind
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Listening Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Goal Orientation

How should I prepare for the Group Discussion?

Your preparation for GD has to be broken down into two parts:

Subject knowledge: Your subject knowledge during the GD can’t be replaced by anything else. Read voraciously on all subjects to have good ideas. Following could be your sources of information:
  • News Papers
  • Magazines
  • News Portals
  • TV

As you read, keep taking down the points on different subjects.

Developing soft skills: Along side your subject knowledge you will have to develop your soft skills to carry yourself out properly during the GD. This needs a work on your communication skills, listening skills, body gestures.

How do I improve my communication skills?

Good communication would ensure that you are able to put across your ideas in a short time during the limited time. It will also ensure that the group remains supportive to you.

To improve your communication skills, read books on communication and general subjects. This will improve your vocabulary and give you ideas to speak effectively. Pick up good phrases and use them in your day to day discussion with friends and colleagues. Be polite in your conversation and let the other person finish speaking before you take up. Disagreeing politely is an art which you must have. You can use phrases like:

I am sorry but I think I disagree with you a bit here, I have a slightly different opinion here, you have a good point but I think there’s another facet also to it.

Read loudly at times to make your pronunciation and voice clear.

Can I speak in a regional language during the Group Discussion?

No. In a GD you are expected to speak in English only.
Preparation tips just before GD
Group Discussion just before GD - In this section, we have included GD preparation tips. These are the important things you should know before participating in GD.
Tips to follow during Group Discussion
Group Discussion: important points to be followed during GD
Importance of Knowledge in Group Discussion
In any group discussion, until you are not aware of what you need to speak, you will definitely land up making a fool of yourself
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small question
i am really glad of these tips but one thing that
how to introduce our self as well as the topic while we are initiating the GD
sravani 12-15-2015
bpo sector
really a nice website i need some bpo sector tips, like how many rounds,questions asked and topics of group discussion
ankit johari 11-4-2015
GD time
The time allotted for a GD will usually be 20 minutes to half an hour.
Some times will be limited to just 15 minutes.

Team usually will comprise 8-10 members. But, Good team must comprise of 6 members.

Sri Moorthi

Sri Moorthi 12-17-2014
doubt regarding GD
how much time do the GD be hardly held??
sravani 01-16-2014
Group Discussion
Good information! Thank you!
Santosh Kumar 11-8-2011