Personal Interview Questions with Answers - Part 1

When you are called for a personal interview, many types of questions spring across your mind, specially if you are an unexperienced job seeker.

Here are some tips on answering the most frequently asked questions in a personal interview :

Tell me something about your self.

Go prepared for this question, as this is the most frequently asked question in the interview.

Answer it covering your work experience, educational qualifications and a little information about your family background.

Try to focus on key areas of your work while talking about your professional experience. This is an open ended question and can help you in taking the interview in which ever direction you want it to go.

You should know where to put a full stop to provoke the desired question from the interviewer.

Why does this role interest you? Or why have you applied for this job?

Keep the focus of the answer to this question on your skills, experience and personal qualities.

Link the job requirement to your skills rather than talking about the challenges, career and progression.

Why do you think should we take you for this job?

Don't panic if you are asked this question. Make sure that you have understood the job profile well before you go for the interview.

Relate your qualifications and work experience with the job requirements.

If there are any new things that you are expected to perform in the new job, say that you are always open to learn the new things and take up the new challenges.

What motivates you at work?

You can say that competition and new challenges motivate you at work.

Why do you want to leave your present job or why did you leave your last job?

The reasons for switching the job could be numerous. The best answer to offer for this question is to say, “for better prospects”.

Now they can ask you another question, what do you mean by better prospects? To this you can say, better prospects in terms of experience, and exposure.

If you have been made redundant, put your words across very carefully. Your wrong words can give an impression that only you were the one whose position was made redundant, which hardly might be the case.

May be you can say something like, “Over last 8 months a lot of restructuring was going on in the company and 40 positions became surplus. One of them was mine but I have learnt a lot during my tenure at XYZ company and I am sure I can add a lot of value to a position like the we are discussing about”.
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