18 HTML DOM interview questions and answers


HTML DOM interview questions and answers

1. What is the main function of DOM?
2.What are the levels involved in DOM?
3.What is the use or function of XML DOM?
4.What is the use or function of HTML DOM?
5.What is the use of DOM in W3C standards?
6.Write a program that shows the use of DOM?
7.What are the errors made while processing the DOM?
8.What is the purpose of HTML DOM Node Tree? - DOM
9.How does the relationship exist between the node, child and siblings in node-tree? - DOM
10.Explain through program the relationship that exists between the root and other nodes present in node-tree? - DOM
11.What is the programming interface used for DOM or HTML documents?
12.What are the methods involved in HTML DOM?
13.What are the properties of HTML DOM involved in the system?
14.Write a program that uses Methods and properties of HTML DOM?
15.What are the different properties of Nodes? - DOM
16.Write a program to change an HTML element? - DOM
17.Write a program to change the HTML element using events? - DOM
18.What are the functionalities performed by onload() and onUpload()? - DOM

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