J2ME Telematics: What is Telematics?

What is Telematics?

- Telematics is a GPS technology that provides location based service to track latitude and longitude of a vehicle.

- It outputs maps in LED consoles mounted on dashboards.

- The server is connected to remote processing centers which provide data, voice and Internet services.

- Telematics is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects, such as vehicles, telecommunication devices.
J2ME WTLS: What is WTLS?
Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) is a security protocol that resides between WTP and WDP layers in the WAP communications stack..
J2ME WTP: What is WTP?
J2ME WTP - The Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP), a protocol in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) suite. ..
J2ME W-CDMA: What is W-CDMA?
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is a wideband spread-spectrum mobile air interface. It can achieve higher speeds as it uses the direct-sequence...
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