Java Web Services: What is Web Services

What is Web Services?

- Web services are the components that provide functionality via internet, uses standard protocol such as HTTP. Web services use SOAP to expose functionality which is an XML-based protocol that enables 2 disparate components to communicate. So web services hosted on windows platform can easily be consumed Linux and UNIX platform.

What are web services?

- A web service is a business function that is self-contained and operates over the internet. The W3C defined web service as “a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network”. XML is the base for the web services. They communicate using open protocols.

- Web services are more frequently like Web APIs. These services accessibility can be from internet. A remote system can host these services for different web services. A web service can convert a stand alone / desktop application into a web based / web application. A web services are published or found and utilized through the internet. The web services works on the XML + HTTP platform.

What are web services?

- Web services are automated information services implemented using standardized technologies to simplify the exchange of data over the Internet.

- They make it easier to work across organizations irrespective of the operating systems, hardware/software, programming languages, and databases used.
Java Web Service: What is SOAP?
SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables 2 components to communicate each other..
Explain JAXR
JARX is a standard API that are used to access XML registries (list of services available on the web) from the JAVA platform..
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JAX-RPC uses SOAP to call remote procedures. JAX-RPC...
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