Networking - Define Subnetting

Define Subnetting.

- A subnet describes a set of networked computers which have common IP address routing prefix.

- Breaking the networking into smaller and more efficient subnets is known as subnetting.

- Subnetting prevents Ethernet packet collision which has excessive rates in a large network.

- Routers are used to manage the traffic and constitute borders among subnets.

- They are designed by accepting bits from the IP address's host part and using these bits to assign a number of smaller sub-networks inside the original network.

- It allows the organization to add sub-networks without acquiring a new network number via the Internet service provider (ISP).

- They help to reduce the network traffic and conceals network complexity.

- It is essential when a single network number has to be allocated over numerous segments of a local area network (LAN).

- It was designed for solving the shortage of IP addresses over the Internet.
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