Open GL interview questions and answers


Open GL interview questions and answers

1. What is OpenGL (or Open Graphics Library)? Give Brief introduction about it.
2. Name major competitors of OpenGL . Also give main advantages & disadvantages OpenGL have over other graphics libraries in the market.
3. Give the main advantages that OpenGL have over Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D.
4. OpenGL is written in which language? Is it possible to implement (or use) same library in programming languages other than that?
5. Is OpenGL API platform independent? Is it possible to port the library to embedded systems such as mobile phones etc?
6. Name few OpenGL related libraries that simplifies the programming task by providing a layer of abstraction over OpenGL.
7. How OpenGl can be considered as a state machine?
8. Explain OpenGL rendering pipeline.
9. What is term named Rasterization means? How is it different from vector graphics?
10. How do we clear a window in OpenGL? Also write a code snippet for the same.
11. How to apply color to a geometrical object? Give the syntax of glColor3f() method.
12. What is difference between glColor3f() & glClearColor() ?
13. Under which circumstances glFlush() method is used? How it is different from glFinish()?
14. What kind of restrictions OpenGL imposes on primitive polygons? Why?
15. Specify the syntax of rendering a vertex in OpenGL.
16. Using glBegin() & glEnd() how do we create primitive geometric drawings such as quadrilaterals, polygons etc?
17. What are vertex arrays? How do they help in increasing performance of application?
18. What are interleaved arrays? Where they are used?
19. How to construct curved surfaces using polygon approximations?
20. Explain 3d viewing pipline.
21. What is the set of operations that are needed to perform to display a 3d representation over 2d screen?
22. Name the major stages of vertex transformations.
23. Name & give syntax of general purpose transformation commands.
24. Explain viewing & modeling transformations briefly.
25. What is projection transformation? Give difference between perspective & orthographic projections.
26. What do you understand by color perception?
27. What is difference between color index mode & RGBA mode?
28. How do we specify color of a geometrical object in both RGBA & color index mode?
29. What is a shading model? Why we need it? List shading models that are available in OpenGL.
30. What do you understand by hidden surface removal? Name few of algorithms used for the same.
31. Give a brief comparison between ambient, diffuse, specular, & emissive light.
32. Write a little code snippet for creating a light source.
33. What do you understand by attenuation factor? What is its role in lighting?
34. Name the lighting models that are available in OpenGL.
35. Explain the effect of diffuse & specular reflection over a material.
36. How to achieve lighting effects in color index mode?
37. What do you understand by antialiasing? Is it good to use antialiasing in our application? If yes, then why most of the applications do not use it ?
38. What do you understand by blending? What role it plays in rendering graphics ? How it can be implemented in OpenGL?
39. Write a small program to add fog effect to the application.
40. Display lists play important role in OpenGL. What it is?
41. How Display lists are implemented in OpenGL?
42. How can we manage state of our application with display lists?
43. What is a BitMap? How it can be rendered in OpenGL?
44. Name & give syntax of methods used for reading, writing, & copying image pixel data.
45. Briefly explain imaging pipeline.
46. What do you understand by Texture mapping? What are basic steps involved in it?
47. What is the use case of texture arrays?
48. Explain usage of glTextEnv() or texturing methods.
49. What are main types of buffers OpenGL ecosystem consists of? Give their uses also.
50. Name & explain tests that can applied to individual fragments .
51. What is Accumulation Buffer in context of OpenGL? For what purposes it is used?
52. Can you name the OpenGL methods used in polygon tessellation?

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