What are background processes in oracle?

What are background processes in oracle?

Oracle uses background process to increase performance.

Database writer, DBWn
Log Writer, LGWR
Checkpoint, CKPT
System Monitor, SMON
Process Monitor, PMON
Archiver, ARCn

What are background processes in oracle?

Following are the background processes in oracle.

Database writer (DBWR)
Writes Dirty blocks from the database buffer cache to the data files.

Log writer (LGWR)
Performs sequential writes from redo log buffer to the redo log files.

System Monitor (SMON)
Helps to recover the crashed instance into the next new instance

Checkpoint (CKPT)
Identifies the point from where recovery should begin.
What are various Oracle Operator?
Unary operators:- Operates on one operand. Binary:- Operates on two operands.
What is IN operator?
IN operator in a query allows you to have multiple values in a WHERE clause.........
What is Like operator?
LIKE in oracle enables the user to search for a string of the matching type. “%” is used as a wild card in the query.
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