Advantages of PHP

PHP advantages

- PHP offers a lot of security mechanisms,
- Its easy connectivity abilities make it a popular choice of modular programming.
- It can easily be interfaced with a variety of libraries, xml’s.
- Its an open source software.
- Syntax is similar to C and C++ and hence easy to remember the syntax.
- Easy to use for creating dynamic web pages.
- PHP has its own community where people can make their own scripts and post as per the requirement.

Advantage of php over Java.

- PHP is a simpler language specially designed for web applications
- PHP is open source and hence customization becomes convenient.
- PHP natively integrates with a large array of database engines, both open-source (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) and commercial (Oracle, MS SQL Server); while Java relies on JDBC drivers for database connectivity.
PHP PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is a framework and a distribution system that is used for reusable PHP components.
PHP Heredoc
PHP heredoc syntax allows creating multiple lines of string without using quotations.
PHP variables
Variables in PHP, like in all languages are used for storing values. All variables in PHP start with a $ sign.
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