PHP access control modifier

PHP access control modifier

Access control modifiers restrict the functions and classes to be accessed. Following are the list of access control modifiers:

Public: This property or method can be accessed from anywhere on the script.

Private: This property or method cannot be accessed from everywhere. It can only be used by the class or the object it is a part of.

Protected: This property or method can be used by the code in the class it is a part of.

Abstract: This property or method needs to be subclassed and cannot be used directly.

Class employee
       Public $name;
       Private $salary;
$emp = new employee;
$emp->name = “emp”;
Print $emp->name
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Incorrect or wrong tutorial

Please check the link which saying that you can access private properties by using class objects which is not true in php.

check the below

class employee{
public $name;
private $salary = 2000;
protected $empid = 768;


$employee = new employee();
echo $employee->salary;

Pranipat Khatua 04-23-2012