Project Management - Describe each levels of CMMI

Describe each levels of CMMI

1) Maturity level 1 – Initial
At this level, there is no proven processes and has no stable environment in the organization. This type of organization frequently exceeds the budget and schedule.

2) Maturity level 2 – Repeatable
These organizations have basic processes that are established to track cost and schedule. They have guidelines to repeat the same in the next similar project.

3) Maturity level 3 – Defined
In this category, processes are well characterized and understood and are described in standards.

4) Maturity level 4 – Managed
These organizations are much more matured than level 3 where processes are only qualitively predictable whereas in level 4 companies, processes are accessed using statistical and other quantitive technique.

5) Maturity level 5 – optimizing
These organizations persistently try to improve performance through innovative technological improvement

Describe each levels of CMMI

CapabilityMaturityModel(CMM) is a maturity model of certain business processes in software engineering.

The CMM identifies five levels of process maturity for an organization:

- Initial - the starting point for use of a new process.
- Repeatable – the process is used repeatedly.
- Defined – the process is defined or confirmed as a standard business process.
- Managed – process management and measurement takes place.
- Optimizing – process management includes deliberate process optimization and improvement.
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