Project Management: What is Fish Bone Diagram? Or Explain Ishikawa Diagram.

What is Fish Bone Diagram? Or Explain Ishikawa Diagram.

- Fish Bone Diagram is also called Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram.
- It is called Fish Bone Diagram because of its structure.
- Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa invented it so it is called Ishikawa Diagram.
- It performs the job of analyzing the causes and their effects pertaining to the Project. So, it is called Cause and Effect Diagram.
- It helps in identifying the potential causes of problems and finally the root cause which make a difference on the performance of the project. This helps in finding the solutions to the problems which have affected the performance of the last project.

What is a fish bone diagram ?

Fish bone diagrams are the diagrams that show the causes of a certain events. In designing products, to identify the potential reasons / factors that cause overall effect, the fishbone diagrams are used.
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