How is PR different from advertising?

How is PR different from advertising?

Answer 1 - If you are trying to promote your company or a brand, you may have questions about whether to use advertising or public relations. These two industries are very different even though they're commonly confused as being one and the same.

So when a client goes to an advertising agency, he's expecting the agency to put together a campaign to make people aware of his product or service. The work includes some creative effort along with a strategy for exposing it to as many people as possible - and he's willing to purchase media space to place the ads. When a client goes to a PR firm, he is also looking to communicate with the public. However, as opposed to an advertising representative, a PR agent has to convince a journalist to feature the client - without paying the journalist. And in the cases where a journalist has already decided to feature the client, the PR agent's job is to ensure that the client is portrayed in as positive a light as possible.

Publicity is great when you get it, because the public is more likely to believe a newspaper article or news story than an advertisement - but the catch is that publicity offers no guarantees.

Answer 2 -

Advertising Promotion

- It is a one way communication process
- The message coverage is payable to mass media
- Agency controls the timing
- Purpose of advertising is to create an awareness about product/services in order to make a sale
- Advertising content is creative in nature

Public Relations

- It is a two way communication process
- The message coverage in mass media is not payable
- Media controls the timing
- Purpose of public relation is to create and enhance the reputation of any company
- It provides the real content
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