Role, nature and responsibilities of a PR

What are the role, nature and responsibilities of a PR person?

Answer 1 -

The PR professional has to:

- Understand the requirement of his company or client
- Write press releases
- Organize news conferences
- Produce company newsletters.
- Deal with PR agencies
- Deal with media
- Deal with management

The nature of his jobs needs him to:

- Think logically during a crisis
- Analyze and update himself with the trends in the industry
- Be aware about the clients competitors and its presence and activities in the market
- Have excellent media relations
- Be a good Public Speaker
- Represent his company at conferences
-Arrange press launches
- Act as the client’s spokesperson
- Provide training to the client to be his/her own spokesperson
- Do Online PR
- Manage Events
- Evaluation the effect of a PR activity
- Establish corporate identity
- Do strategic planning

Answer 2 -

The roles and responsibilities of a PR person are as follows:

- To define the objectives and targets of PR department
- Media management
- Establishing the good image of the organization in a periodic manner
- Conduct market intelligence and pulse the public opinion about the company to Senior Management
- Writing, editing and distributing news releases to mass media
- Training & development
- Liaison with professional bodies, government authorities and trade associations
- Generating sponsorship for PR events
- Organizing press conferences etc.
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