Quitting job, Leaving job with good note

Quitting the job? Leave on a good note

The job market today is very dynamic. People are switching jobs as they never did in the past. As you switch jobs, you have to be all the more careful that you don't spoil your relationship with your current company. The world is round and you never know where you will get to see your present boss and colleagues. There are certain things which you must keep in mind while leaving your current company.

Inform your boss

As you have decided to leave the current job, inform your boss in a polite way and ask him if there's anything he wants you to finish before you leave the job.

Give sufficient notice

If you have got sufficient time to join the new company, give notice to the HR department so that they can look out for your replacement and the work doesn't suffer.

Don't leave the things hanging

If there are things that need your presence to be accomplished, finish them. Don't leave the things hanging in the air. Your replacement would not know the background. And will not be able to take a fast action which can make the work suffer. If the work of other departments is linked to yours, inform them about your switching the job and co-operate with them to finish the pending things.

The bottom line is, don't let your job switch affect your personal relationship with the present company.
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