20 SMIL interview questions and answers


SMIL interview questions and answers

1. What is SMIL?
2.What is the use of SMIL?
3.Give an example of SMIL file.
4.Explain about SMIL code writing in HTML?
5.How to add references in SMIL?
6.How to add SMIL elements?
7.Explain about XHTML + SMIL.
8.Explain about SMIL Timing attributes.
9.What is use of clipBegin and clipEnd? - SMIL
10.How to specify the duration? - SMIL
11.List the SMIL timing elements and attributes.
12.What are the media elements in SMIL
13.What is transition effect? - SMIL
14.Describe about Transition Effects and Timelines. - SMIL
15.Describe about Transition Effects and Layouts. - SMIL
16.Explain about Transition Effects and Animations. - SMIL
17.List the Media Attributes of SMIL.
18.What is <audio> Element in SMIL?
20.What is <video> Element in SMIL?

1. What is the full form of SMIL?
2. What are the applications of SMIL?
3. Name the majors markups used in SMIL.
4. What was the reason behind development of SMIL?
5. How is it different from HTML & XML?
6. Give the MIME type of SMIL.
7. SMIL was developed by which organization?
8. What is the latest version of SMIL?
9. What is the extension of SMIL files?
10. How does SVG animation can be incorporated in a SMIL file?
11. If a person wants show his RSS or Atom feeds into his SMIL presentation, how can he achieve it?
12. What do you about VoiceXML & MusicXML? How can you it be included in a SMIL file?
13. What is the future of SMIL?
14. In order to view SMIL presentations, which tool can be used at client side?
15. Name few hardware that can natively run SMIL files.
16. Is it possible to view SMIL files over a webpage? If yes then how?
17. How XHTML-SMIL integration is done?
18. How can you stream a SMIL file?
19. Is it possible to edit SMIL files created by Preview Navigator?
20. How can you arrange a multichannel live streaming?
21. What steps would you follow to create a simple business presentation using SMIL?
22. What are the pros & cons of a SMIL presentation over say PowerPoint Presentation?
23. Name few tools that can be used to automate the process of creation of presentation.
24. Explain basic layout of a SMIL file.
25. What are the stacking & scaling attributes in SMIL?
26. Explain SMIL timing model.
27. How is linking done in SMIL. Write a small code snippet to support your answer.
28. What does systemCPU attribute of SMIL stand for?
29. List the environment related system test attributes.
30. What are the resource related system tests attributes?
31. How is the transition effects put into a SMIL presentation?
32. Name the general attributes for basic transitions.
33. How to create a hierarchical layout in SMIL?
34. How to apply CSS to a SMIL layout?

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