21 SVG interview questions and answers


SVG interview questions and answers

1. What is SVG?
2.Why use SVG?
3.What are the advantages of SVG?
4.Give an Example for SVG file.
5.How to embed SVG in HTML? - SVG
6.How to specify a border to a rectangle? - SVG
7.How to use the <circle> tag to create a circle? - SVG
8.Explain about Filters in SVG?
9.Explain about Gradients in SVG.
10.What is VML? - SVG
11.What is VRML? - SVG
12.Name the different movie formats? - SVG
13.What is AOL's 'art' format? - SVG
14.Explain about anti-aliasing. - SVG
15.Explain about RIOT image optimization tool. - SVG
16.Explain any lossless image optimization tool. - SVG
17.What are actions in Photoshop? - SVG
18.Why flash animations are smaller in bits? - SVG
19.Differentiate between ‘vector’ and ‘bit-map graphic’. - SVG
20.How to convert bitmap data to vector data and back? - SVG
21.Why plug-in is required to view SVG files?

1. What is the meaning of SVG?
2. What is VML?
3. Differentiate between SVG and VML.
4. Explain SVG-VML-3D.
5. How SVG library can be used?
6. What are the major applications of SVG?
7. Can line-breaking of text implemented in SVG?
8. How SVG renderer can apply kerning and ligature transformations?
9. How does the SVG renderer find the corresponding afm file?
10. How can I specify a precise font in any other way than by downloading?
11. How difference between Type 1 and true type font can be specified by SVG document?
12. How creator of SVG document can specify that the text will be rendered with the precise metrics intended?
13. Explain pre-defined shapes in SVG.
14. Which filters are available in SVG?
15. What are the gradients of SVG?
16. Is native SVG support compatible with SVG plug-in?
17. Is Mozilla compatible with Corel’s SVG plug-in?
18. How can SVG be implemented?
19. Why ‘XML Parsing Error’ message shown in Mozilla?
20. Why source code is displayed in Mozilla instead of SVG?
21. How a frame can be made only with vertical scrollbar without using horizontal scrollbar?
22. Why links are opened in new window instead of opening in same tab?
23. When plain HTML source is shown in browser?
24. How can I load the images correctly to my site?
25. Can a form consist of one or more submit button?
26. How can I make framed documents inside a frameset?
27. How indents or tabs can be created in web pages?
28. How can i lock my source and images away from stealing?
29. How a new user can be transferred automatically to a new web page?
30. How sounds can be put for older versions of Internet explorer?
31. What is VRML?
32. What are different movie formats?
33. What is AOL's 'art' format?
34. Explain anti-aliasing
35. How image file sizes can be optimized?
36. Which is the maximum point to sacrifice image quality?
37. Why flash animations are smaller in bits?
38. What are actions in Photoshop?
39. How actions can be used in Photoshop?
40. Differentiate between ‘vector’ and ‘bit-map graphic’.
41. Name the best alternative for Photoshop?
42. What are different formats of MPEG?
43. How side-bar on the left can be used with background?
44. How Adobe’s SVG viewer can be installed on Mozilla?
45. How bugs can be reported in Mozilla?
46. Why plug-in is required to view SVG files?

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