Sample CV for good work experience but less qualification

Sample CV for good work experience

This sample CV is for the candidates who have good work experience but lesser qualification then the one expected for the position. It focuses on your skills and achievements during your last jobs rather than your qualification.


Contact No.:

Career Summary
  • Develop it as a short paragraph of approximately 50-60 words.
  • Write about your career aspirations and what you have to offer to the market.
  • Your career summary should cover your skills, attitude, knowledge and work experience.
  • Write your career summary in third person singular. Draft and re-draft it.
  • Your career summary should be supported with the CV content.
  • Write your career summary in such a way that the interviewer should be able to get a gist of your career in 30 seconds and shortlists you for the interview.
Key Skills
  • Develop this section in the bulleted format, to make your CV user friendly.
  • Write about the key skills you have gained during your last employments. Focus on the skills relevant to the position you are apply to.
  • Mention some figures which can impress the selectors and they shortlist your CV for an interview.
  • Any special out of work activity can also find a place in this section of CV. This activity demonstrates a facet of your personality.
  • Write this section also in a bulleted format. It makes your CV user friendly.
  • The achievements should be listed in the rank of priority.
  • Try to relate your achievements with some figures
  • The achievements section of your CV aims at telling the prospective employer, “This is what I did for my last employer, I can do it for you also”
  • This is a good place in CV to write about your interests out of work.
  • Write them in bullets.
  • They throw a light on the different facets of your personality
Work Experience
  • Write this section of your CV also in bullets
  • Designation, company name followed by duration for example:
  • Marketing Manager April 2000 to Oct 2001
  • XYZ company
  • Job responsibilities below the position details. They can be mentioned as bullets or as interesting prose.
Educational Qualification
  • Write this section of your CV also in bullets
  • If your qualification required for this role is lesser than what is actually expected but you have a good work experience and knowledge about your area of work, do not focus your CV on the qualifications.
Personal Details
  • Date of Birth
  • Languages Known
  • Marital status

Structure of a good CV

The basic purpose of a CV is to communicate your profile to the recruiter in the shortest possible time, in an interesting way.

Most of the times, the general structure of the CV provided here would do the job. However, no structure about a CV can be carved in stone. It is mainly the creativity of the candidate of the candidate that plays the most important role. At the end, the candidate should be comfortable with his CV as he is one who has to face the interview.

So, if you want to experiment with your CV based on some differences in your profile, you are welcome to do it.

Let’s see what the general structure of a CV can be like:
  • Name – Provide the name which appears in your certificates. You don’t need to provide your nick name.
  • Contact Details – Your postal address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Career Statement - A 2-3 line statement of your skills, attitude, knowledge and experience & how would it help the prospective employer.
  • Career Summary - 7-8 bullets points which convey the gist of your candidature in 30 seconds and make the recruiter interested to read your complete CV.
  • Work experience and achievements (In reverse chronological order) - Details about your past employments focussing on your achievements in those roles rather than just making it a list of your responsibilities. Add some figures to make the facts more interesting.
  • Education qualifications (In reverse chronological order) - If you have learnt your job through the university of hard knocks of life, you can omit this section altogether.
  • Other achievements - Achievements not related to past jobs but worth mentioning can be listed here.
  • Hobbies - Hobbies convey a facet of your personality. So, give them a place in your CV but mind you, don’t write the hobbies just for the sake of writing. The person sitting on the other side of the table might share the same hobbies and get into a discussion about them.
  • Language proficiency - Especially helpful if you have to deal with regional people or international market.
Sample CV for those candidates who have switched jobs very frequently
Sample CV is for those candidates who have switched jobs very frequently. This CV format focuses on your skills, achievements and qualifications rather then your last jobs.
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Sample CV
Deepak Jain
Email -
Contact - +91- 9997888922


Seeking an innovative and responsible position wherein my technical prowess can be utilized appropriately; with exposure to new areas to enable me to make useful contributions for the benefit of the company.


B.Tech.(I.T) - K.I.ET R.T.M University - 2010 - 70.00%
DIPLOMA Km.M.G.G.P - Luknow Technical Board - 2007 - 68.00%
X - Green Field Sen. Sec. Public School C. B.S.E - 2002 - 50.00%


Karthicks Foreign Language Centre – 12 months (August 2010- August 2011 )

- Responsibilities include analysis, installation, maintenance and modification of storage area networks and computing system.
- Ensure the compatibility of the hardware and software of the system by determining it.
- Responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of the new hardware and software.
- Assist team in resolution of hardware, software and system issues.


Provide Tier 3 Support technical support, advanced knowledge of registry, permissions, and drivers and software required

-Work with vendors to analyze and troubleshoot solutions.
-Automate software application deployment.
-Provide and recommend solutions to senior management.
-Patch desktops in an enterprise architecture.
-Analyze and troubleshoot windows installers.


Undergone Software Testing course in “VIMARSHANA ACADEMY” Training Institute, Bangalore for 4months



-Knowledge in writing Test Cases by applying Test Case design Techniques.
-Knowledge in Test Plan, Test Case Review Template, Traceability Matrix.
-Strong in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
-Actively involved in Reviewing and Execution of Test cases.
-Thorough knowledge in Functionality Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing.
-Knowledge in Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, Smoke and Ad-hoc Testing.
-Knowledge of Bug life cycle.


-Excellent in QTP Tool& Trained in VIMARSHANA
-Worked on QTP Tool for 1.5 months in VIMARSHANA
-Good Knowledge on Checkpoints/User Defined Checkpoints.
-Very Good Knowledge on Parameterization.
-Error Handling in QTP/Recovery Scenarios.
-Good Knowledge in Debugging the Scripts.


-Knowledge in UNIX, LINUX.
-Conversant with the understanding of different aspects of Operating Systems.
-Conversant with the basic knowledge of networking.
-Windows 98/2000/XP
-JAVA TRAINING 4months at HCL Career Development Centre, Ghaziabad from August2010 onwards.


Title - A throttle based approach to mitigate distributed denial of service attack


We presented a server-centric approach to protect a server system under DDOS attack. The approach limits the rate at which an upstream router can forward packets to the server. So that the server exposes no more than its designed capacity to the global networking allocating the server capacity among the upstream routers. We evaluated algorithm effectiveness using a realistic global network topology, and various models for attacker and good user distribution and behavior results indicate the proposed approach can offer significant relief to a server that is being flooded with malicious attacker traffic. Our result indicates that server-centric router throttling is promising approach to countering DDOS attack.

Technology Used: Front End – tool control language (ns2), Back End – MS SQL Server 2000


Organization: Bharat Electronic Limited
SKILSS : SQL 2000,C#


Date of Birth
Residential Address
Linguistic Abilities

Sample CV 01-2-2012
Sample CV for Freshers
Email -
Contact - +91- 9999922233


-Strong hold on C/C++ Programming Language, Unix and Java Language .
-Strong knowledge of Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Computer Organisation Architecture.
-Quick learner & self-directed; consistent updating self with the emerging trends in the industry.
-A team player with strong interpersonal skills and possess a flexible and detail oriented attitude.
-An efficient key player in challenging & creative environments with excellent capacity to adapt to new technologies and skills.


-B.Tech. (Information Technology) from National Institute of Technology, with 8.44 CGPA
-XII from ABC Public School, Kurukshetra in 2007 with 77%.
-X from ABC School, Kurukshetra in 2005 with 81%.


Received Prizes in:

Won First Prize (ACER LapTop) in Digit's Open Solaris Quiz –May’2010.
Attained 94/100 in Science in class X
Secured 2nd position in NSTSE-2007 in Haryana State.


Six weeks Workshop on Enrollment of Students using EJB,JBoss Studio etc. conducted by NIT Kurukshetra IASDM cell.
One week Workshop at NIT Kurukshetra on NVIDIA’s CUDA in March’10 conducted by HBeonGPGPU.
One week Workshop at NIT Kurukshetra on Ethical Hacking in Sept’09 conducted by METAWING.
Six weeks at C-DOT (Centre for Development of Telematics) in June’09 on VOIP .


Title - Advance Download Manager using Java and Linux.
Organisation - NIT Kurukshetra
Duration - 6 Months

Title - Defence against Dos/DDos Attacks based on HopCount Technique
Organisation - NIT Kurukshetra
Duration - 6 Months

Title - Enrollment of students using JBoss Server,Java Swing,EJB etc.
Organisation - NIT Kurukshetra
Duration - 6 Months


Languages - C , C++, JAVA, Unix/Linux
Software - Eclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, Netbeans, Network Simulator.
Operating Systems - Windows 7, XP and Vista, Unix/Linux based OS.
Package - MS Office & Open-Office.


Won First Prize in event “TWISTED MOVIE” in TALENT SHOW-07.
Currently Working as Secretary of “AVA-CLUB” of the Institute. Dealing in technical issues related to Light and Sound Systems.

Worked as:

-Executive Member of organizing committee of LITERATI-11 –A National Level Technical fest.
-Executive Member of organizing committee of CONFLUENCE-11 –A National Level cultural fest.
-Executive Member of organizing committee of TALENT SHOW-10 .
-Member of organizing committee of Magnum Opus’09.
-Member of organizing committee of APEX’ 09 .
-Member of organizing committee of ALCHEMIA’09.


Date of Birth
Residential Address
Linguistic Abilities
Sample CV for Freshers 01-2-2012
Sample CV for Freshers
Harsha Jaiswal
Email -
Contact - +91- 9999976233


-A qualified individual with Bachelors degree in Engineering with specialization in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth University backed by a Diploma in Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic, Ranchi; accented with the latest trends and techniques of the field, have an inborn quantitative aptitude & determined to carve a successful and satisfying career in the IT industry.
-Rich domain knowledge with comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of various languages, operating systems and software.
-Excellent comprehension of Software Development Life Cycle including thorough knowledge of Software Development, Unit testing and Reusability of Existing Module.
-Enriched with the ability to learn new concepts & technology within a short span of time.
-Self motivated, hard working and goal-oriented with a high degree of flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, commitment and optimism.

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages - Java, JSP, Servlet , Struts 1.x & 2.x, , C++, C, COBOL
Operating Systems - MS DOS, Windows XP/ Vista
RDBMS - Oracle 9i
Web Designing Tools - Java Script, HTML,XML,CSS,AJAX
Application Server - Tomcat 5.0
IDE - Edit Plus, eclipse , Netbeans7.0.1
Assembly Languages - 8085, 8086


B. E. (Computer Science) 2010
College Of Engineering, Pune
Affiliated to Bharati Vidyapeeth University
4th.year Percentage: 73.60%

Diploma in Engineering 2007
Government Polytechnic Ranchi
Accredited by the State Board of Technical Education
Aggregate Percentage: 69.17%

Class X
B. J. H. S., Kasba
B.S.E. Board Patna
Aggregate Percentage: 66.14%


Project Title - Video Conferencing Monitoring and Security (Final Year Project)
Environment - Java, JSP, JMF (Java Media Framework), SQL server 2005
Synopsis - This application is divided into two four modules- Discussion, Video and Audio Conferencing, IP chatting and file uploading and downloading.

Project Title - Hospital Management (3rd Year Project)
Environment - Visual Basic, Oracle 9i
Synopsis - This application provides all the facility for hospital OPD and maintains a track of treatments & the details of the allotted Doctor to each patient

Project Title - Ticket Booking System of Tartar and Multiplex (2nd Year Project)
Environment - COBOL
Synopsis - This application provides facility for booking of tickets for various ongoing movies in multiplexes.


Name of the Organization - BSNL, Bhagalpur
Duration - 1 month
Training - Gained knowledge about OCB-283 Exchange, E-10B Exchange & M/W Transmission system through a comprehensive training.


-Stood Fist in block level debate competition in my school


Participated in Drama in my school
Active Participation in National level techfest of our college
I was group leader of computer engineering Student in my diploma college
I was member of cricket team in my school and diploma college


Watching & playing Cricket
Swimming & Gardening
Web Surfing & Reading

Date of Birth
Permanent Address
Sample CV for Freshers 01-2-2012
Sample CV
I like to apply my knowledge and skills to the work assigned and add value to the organization with the help of fast learning ability and sincerity.

Experience Summary

Currently Working with _______, since JUNE2010–Present.
Worked in _____________, since Dec-2009 – JUNE2010.
Experience in .NET technology, PL/SQL.
Worked on HP-UX and have exposure for shell scripting.


Language : C#, VB, ASP, ASP.Net.
Databases : Oracle 10g (PL/SQL), MS SQL Server 2005.
Operating Systems : HP-UX, Windows.
Tools : Toad 9.0, PuTTY.
Others : Crystal Reports, Shell Scripting.

o B.E. Computers, 67%, 2009, _______, University of Pune.
o HSC Science, 72 % 2004, _______, Pune.
o SSC , 85%, 2002, _________, , Pune.

Project Details


Academic Achievement

Participation in various competitions and event management in college.
Played Football for Junior College.
Won 2nd prize (silver medal) in 1500mt, 400mt relay at district level.
Secured 4th position in PCMC cycle race.


Name :
Date Of Birth :
Languages :
Address :

Kunal 11-9-2011
Sample CV
To pursue a successful, challenging and exciting career while being able to dispense my maximum potential to the benefit of the organization and at the same time acquiring knowledge on the road to success.
Kunal 11-9-2011