Sample CV for those who have been working in the past but are now jobless

Sample CV for those who are now jobless

Contact No.:
Career Summary
  • Develop it as a short paragraph of approximately 50-60 words.
  • Write about your career aspirations and what you have to offer to the market.
  • Your career summary should cover your skills, attitude, knowledge and work experience.
  • Write your career summary in third person singular. Draft and re-draft it.
  • Your career summary should be supported with the CV content.
  • Write your career summary in such a way that the interviewer should be able to get a gist of your career in 30 seconds and shortlists you for the interview.
Key Skills
  • Develop this section in the bulleted format, to make your CV user friendly.
  • Write about the key skills you have gained during your last employments. Focus on the skills relevant to the position you are apply to.
  • Mention some figures which can impress the selectors and they shortlist your CV for an interview.
  • Any special out of work activity can also find a place in this section of CV. This activity demonstrates a facet of your personality.
  • Write this section also in a bulleted format. It makes your CV user friendly.
  • The achievements should be listed in the rank of priority.
  • Try to relate your achievements with some figures
  • The achievements section of your CV aims at telling the prospective employer, “This is what I did for my last employer, I can do it for you also”
  • This is a good place in CV to write about your interests out of work.
  • Write them in bullets.
  • They throw a light on the different facets of your personality
Work Experience
  • Write this section of your CV also in bullets
  • Designation, company name followed by duration for example:
  • Working as "designation" for "company's name" since "month and year"
  • Job responsibilities below the position details. They can be mentioned as bullets or as interesting prose.
Educational Qualification
  • Write this section of your CV also in bullets
  • If your qualification required for this role is lesser than what is actually expected but you have a good work experience and knowledge about your area of work, do not focus your CV on the qualifications.
Personal Details
Date of Birth
Languages Known
Marital status
Sample CV for good work experience but less qualification
Sample CV is for the candidates who have good work experience but lesser qualification then the one expected for the position. It focuses on your skills and achievements during your last jobs rather than your qualification.
Sample CV for those candidates who have switched jobs very frequently
Sample CV is for those candidates who have switched jobs very frequently. This CV format focuses on your skills, achievements and qualifications rather then your last jobs.
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