Good attitudes contribute to success

Good attitudes contribute to success


Acquiring good attitudes can alter lives. Good attitudes contribute to success. An executive can’t excel without good attitude. It is a critical factor in success. A person always proved to be team player with good attitude.

There are various factors that influence one’s attitude such as school, work, media, cultural background, traditions and beliefs. For example, in a country with an honest government, you will always find people with right attitude - honest, trustworthy and helpful.

People with good attitudes have following features.
  • They are pleasing character since they believe in themselves.
  • They are naturally very energetic.
  • They enjoy life with full extent.
  • They never take back seat motivating other.
  • They are always good team player.
Bad attitudes attribute ill health, high stress, low productivity, purposeless life, fewer friends etc.

You can acquire positive attitude by becoming aware of the traits that build positive attitudes. Like the way you feed body with good food, you should also feed your mind with good thoughts.

Attitude can be considered as an individual’s outlook towards something. Something could be another person, behavior or some event. Certainly an attitude should always be positive. It keeps negative thinking at bay and gets a feeling of confidence. A positive attitude should not be to an extent that it hurts sentiments of masses.

Points to remember:
  • The key to a positive attitude is to accept failures.
  • One should not give up very easily and strive for success.
  • Looking for alternatives (solutions).
  • Believing in yourself and always be open to criticism
  • Having a negative attitude can be stressful, affect self esteem
  • Attitude has got nothing to do with arrogance. It is mere a perspective.
  • Being “fake” is a sign of not being yourself. This will not work for having a positive attitude.

Why attitude?

  • Positive attitude keeps a person healthier both physically and mentally.
  • Helps achieve goals and success.
  • Gives a sense of superiority and happiness
  • A positive attitude helps to deal with stress.
  • A positive attitude at work can help achieve goals faster.

Types of attitude

Positive attitude : People who always think positively have a positive attitude. People with a positive attitude are usually confident, respect others and are always in search of new arenas. A positive attitude at work is very essential.

Negative attitude : People who think negatively have a negative attitude. Categories of people who flaunt for no reason also fall in this category. People who always underestimate others and have a superiority complex can also have a negative attitude.

Approach to a positive attitude

  • Be aware of the surroundings
  • Accept the way you are
  • Do things that relax you more frequently
  • Always think positive
  • Seeking opportunities always
  • Looking for alternative solutions
  • Believing in yourself

Reason of developing negative attitude

  • Negative thinking
  • Worrying about small issues
  • At times, people have a negative attitude by will.
  • Loosing faith in your self.
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