Commonsense - Sixth sense

Commonsense - Sixth sense

We have five senses naturally gifted. Applying these senses, we can acquire sixth sense, i.e. commonsense. You can be highly educated, but if you lacks commonsense, you won’t be able to excel high in career or business. Commonsense can’t be taught, you have to acquire it with constant effort. An education without commonsense is worthless.

Commonsense means a very natural, comprehensive or radical thinking. It is an approach to take decisions as fast as possible in tight situations. It means that we must pay attention to something that is likely to happen or obvious.

Points to remember:
  • Common sense is not an “art “or “practice” that comes by experience.
  • Common sense differs from person to person
  • Common sense has got nothing to do with intelligence.
  • How well can a person use his knowledge is also a part of common sense.

Why commonsense?

  • Helps to take faster decisions to avoid chaos
  • Helps to achieve confidence and success
  • Helps to become alert
  • A person with commonsense is supposed to be reasonable
  • Helps to develop skills.

Common sense reasoning

Our ability to use common sense depends on how well can we reason common sense. This includes:
  • Ability to reason quickly
  • Spontaneity
  • Ability to tolerate inconsistency and faults
  • Ability to handle situations that change with respect to events
  • Ability to pay attention to the obvious
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