Self-esteem - drives to achieve

Self Esteem

Self-esteem is very important in order to enjoy in whatever you are doing. It gives good feeling and drives you to achieve more and more. Lack of it means lack of self-respect. In that case, ego takes the driver’s seat and leads to rust you. You will find yourself prompt in giving excuses, you will become lazy and enjoy being idle.

1. There is correlation between feelings and behavior. If feeling are good, you behavior will bound to be good. Self-esteem gives you good feeling, enthusiasm and energy.
2. There are two kinds of people, givers and takers. Givers sleep well and always have high self-esteem while takers eat well and lack self-esteem.
3. Low-esteemed people lacks vision, thus can’t acquire excellence.

Self esteem is a way by which a person can realize his own worth. Worth and emotions include confidence, alertness, pride etc. it is a feeling that is developed by itself and grows naturally. Self esteem is how well you can accept yourself.

Points to remember:

1. Self esteem may differ from person to person.
2. Self esteem can be increased by:-
  • Pampering your self.
  • Not feeling guilty or conscience
  • Not being judgmental about others.
  • Accepting yourself the way you are and changing for good.
  • Always being optimistic and being prepared for the worst

Why self esteem?

  • Increases confidence
  • Gives a proud feeling thereby increasing productivity
  • Helps managing work and being not being partial.
  • Strengths can be determined.
  • Makes an individual feel important and increased self worth.
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