Soft Skill-Delegation Skills

Art of Delegation at work

Delegation means to authorize someone to work or complete your task. It must be noted that delegated tasks must be ethical. If a task is properly delegated, it can certainly save time and lead to success. Ideally only those tasks should be delegated in which you are good at. This is because delegation may require continuous support and supervision.

Points to remember:
  • A delegated task must always be approved and agreed upon.
  • A poorly delegated task may lead to a failure and confusion
  • Delegation must be properly used. A task must not be delegated by wish. There must be a valid reason for the same.
  • Delegated tasks should be tracked continuously.
  • They must be valid and possible.
  • The person delegating the task must always be supportive and communicative.
  • A good delegated task is always measurable, defined , achievable
  • Always appreciate when the delegated job is complete.

Why Delegate?

  • Saves time and motivates individuals
  • It’s a management technique to allow people explore new arenas.
  • Helps to establish a rapport between high level and low level hierarchy.
  • Helps to build trust.
  • Leads to a better and higher efficiency.
  • Allows better distribution of job.

When to Delegate?

  • If the task to be delegated has sufficient information to be delegated.
  • If the delegated task can be monitored.
  • If the delegated task can provide some skills to the individual
  • If the deadlines are stringent.
  • If the person whom the task is being delegated does not have a work load.

How to Delegate?

  • Identify the task properly.
  • Identify the risks involved, constraints etc.
  • One needs to be patient. You may be an expert in the domain. The individual may not be.
  • Try and involve more people in the delegation
  • The delegated task must be always agreed upon and not forced.
  • The task must be monitored.

Whom to Delegate?

  • The person’s skill and experience must be considered.
  • How comfortable is the person in accepting the delegated task?
  • The person should not be overloaded with other priority work.
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