Listening skills

Listening Skills


Many of us have the bosses or colleagues who just don’t have the patience to listen to what the other person has to say. As soon as you start talking to them, they will interrupt you. It so happens that while talking to them, you are never able to finish what you want to say. Do you think you are one of them? If yes, believe us or not but your chances of growing and succeeding in the hierarchy are less. This habit of yours can put your sub-ordinates and other colleagues away from you. The people who could have been your source of information turn into a dumb stone.

Listening means to understand and reciprocate what the speaker speaks. In contrast to hearing which merely “listens” to what the speaker says. Good listening skills prove an active participation in a discussion. Having good listening skills also helps in building relations. It shows interest in the speech of the user thereby encouraging him/her.

Important points to remember to achieve Good listening skills:
  • Full attention must be given to the speaker.
  • The mind must be focused and not distracted.
  • Interrogation is a proof of good listening skills.
  • NEVER interrupt the speaker. It disrespects and may offend people.
  • An interactive session is a sign of active listening
  • Avoid emotional involvement in the speech. You may misunderstand the speaker.
  • Since we think faster than we talk; there must always be a distance between the mouth and the brain.

Why good listening skills?

  • Helps in building a rapport with the speaker.
  • Shows respect to the speaker.
  • Good listening skills help in getting more information from the speaker.
  • It saves time, cost and increases production.
  • Good listening skills help to make faster decisions based on what was understood.
Do you think your listening skills can get you to the next level in hierarchy? Can they pave your way to become the favorite boss, an appraised employee and an adorable colleague?
We welcome your thoughts on this subject.

Listening is an art to excel

Listening skills is very important to acquire excellence at work. It inculcates more knowledge and thus, can formulate more ideas. Many times, a candidate excels in group discussion by applying listening skills, even if he lacks knowledge on the given topic. He listens carefully and analyses fast and concludes the discussion in the best possible way as if he has mastery over the topic.
  • One needs to listen patiently to become good listener.
  • Encourage speaker so that he can put his views effectively.
  • Asking relevant questions always proved to be very good and give confidence to the speaker.
  • A good listener never interrupts and change topic of discussion.
  • He always shows respect to the speaker.
  • He pays attention on the message not just delivery.
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