Motivational skills

Motivational Skills


Motivation at work plays vital role. Source of motivation can be internal and external. You can feel motivated internally only when you have burning desires to achieve. External motivation comes through bosses, peers, parents or spouse.

Motivational skill is very important for the leaders to lead from front in order to get task done effectively and on scheduled time.

To motivate team, you need to apply following skills.

1. Give recognition to the team’s achievement.
2. Giving respect would motivate people to give best.
3. Extend help.
4. Provide opportunities to grow.

Motivation means encouragement. It’s a driving force that helps any individual to move further. Many a times we are made to do the same job everyday. This is where motivation comes into picture. By motivating the individual he may be encouraged to work and bring new prospects and revenues.

Points to remember:
  • From a professional perspective motivation can be given in the form of perks, bonus etc.
  • It may not always be monetary. Listening to grievances of the individual can be an important factor to motivate.
  • Every individual has a different way of being motivated.
  • Motivation skills are not just about how good can you motivate others; but how good can you motivate yourself.
  • Creating challenges occasionally is also a form of motivation.

Why Motivations?

  • Reduces boredom.
  • Brings new prospects and revenues.
  • Leads to job satisfaction and mental peace.
  • Avoids jealousy and prejudice amongst team.
  • Helps to achieve deadlines faster.

Ways of motivating

Students can be motivated by
  • Giving a positive feedback on their assignments, projects etc
  • Giving them new opportunities
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere in class
  • Helping the students in the course
  • Allowing them to participate in extra curricular activities
  • Emphasizing on their hard work rather than grades
New and old employees can be motivated by
  • Offering perks and incentives regularly
  • Inceptives may not always be monetary
  • For old employees, a friendly and supportive atmosphere matters
  • To retain old employees, appraisals works the best
  • Organizing events and programs to reduce monotony
  • Sending employees on site.
  • Giving them new challenges apart from their daily tasks.
  • Appreciating their hard work.
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