Planning skills

Planning Skills

Planning is an essential aspect from both professional and personal perspective. It helps to look ahead and think of the future. A well documented plan is always essential to track status of present. A plan ideally defines the goals.

Points to remember:
  • A plan should always be documented.
  • It must always be to the point and consider the necessities of the business.
  • It must offer a benchmark by which current status of the business can be reviewed.
  • A well documented plan may not always guarantee success. However, a poorly documented plan can surely lead to a chaos.

Why Planning?

  • It helps in taking faster decisions.
  • It helps in forecasting and risk management
  • Helps to avoid mistakes and dig hidden opportunities
  • Helps to make thought process clearer.
  • A plan should be periodically updated and reviewed marking the current scenarios.
  • Planning is considered to be a stepping stone to success.

Case study for Planning: - Execution of a Project

The client gives his initial requirements. On complete analysis of his requirements, a project plan is made. In this plan, each requirement is broken into tasks to be allotted to the resources. Individual allotment of tasks is done for the employee depending on the work load. For each task, a planned start date and planned end date is noted. The planned hours for each task are also noted.

Once the plan is ready, it is sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the project implementation begins. As and when the tasks are undertaken, the plan is monitored and tracked. Tracking a plan would mean comparing the actual with the planned hours. This is to ensure that the deadlines are met.

Monitor a plan

A plan needs to be continuously planned in order to meet the deadlines. This can be done by constantly keeping an eye on the tasks allotted to the resources. The actual work done must be noted and compared to the planned. Monitoring shows the actual deviation.
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