Different modules in Spring framework

Explain the different modules in spring framework.

- Spring has the following modules:

Core container module - The fundamental functionality is provided by this module

Application context module - Spring is a framework because of this module. This module extends the concept of BeanFactory.

AOP module (Aspect Oriented Programming) - This is module is for using aspects of spring based applications.

JDBC abstraction and DAO module - To make database code cleanup and to prevent problems at the time of closing database resources, this module is used.

O/R mapping integration module (Object/Relational) - This module is used to tie up with ORM tools such as hibernate.

Web module - The context for an appropriate web-based application, this module is used.

Explain the different modules in Spring framework.

Different modules offered by Spring Framework are :

Inversion of control container : Configuration of application components and lifecycle management of java objects.

Aspect-oriented programming : Enables implementation of cross-cutting routines.

Data access : Working with relational database management systems on the java platform using JDBC and object-relational mapping tools.

Transaction management : Unifies several transaction management APIs and coordinates transactions for Java objects.

Model-View-Controller : An HTTP and Servlet-based framework providing hooks for extension and customization.

Remote Access Framework : Configurative RPC-style export and import of java objects over networks supporting RMI, CORBA and HTTP-based protocols including the web services (SOAP).

Batch processing : A framework for high-volume processing featuring reusable functions including logging/tracing, transaction management, job processing statistics, job restart, skip, and resource management.

Authentication and authorization : Configurable security processes that support a range of standards, protocols, tools and practices via the Spring Security sub-project (formerly Acegi).

Remote Management : Configurative exposure and management of java objects for local or remote configuration via JMX.

Messaging : Configurative registration of message listener objects for transparent message consumption from message queues via JMS, improvement of message sending over standard JMS APIs.

Testing : Support classes for writing unit tests and integration tests.
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