Testing - Difference between QTP and WINRUNNER

Explain the difference between QTP and WINRUNNER?

- Static and dynamic images are compared through QTP. Where as Winrunner is used to conduct the testing only on static images.

- The test scripts that are used in QTP is only one i.e., Main Test, and compiled module does not supports. Where as Winrunner supports two types of test i.e., Main Test and compiled module

- The check points are 9 in QTP, whereas there are 4 check points in Winrunner.

- Reusable actions can be created in QTP, where as Winrunner can not.

- Winrunner does not support multimedia, photoshop. On the other hand, QTP supports multimedia. QTP supports .NET and XML applications. Winrunner does not. QTP generates scripts based on VB. whereas; Winrunner generates scripts based on TSL written in C.
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