How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?

How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?

- GUI maps are used by WinRunner for recognizing objects on the application. GUI maps are used to locate the objects. The description of the object is read in GUI map and checks for the similar object with same properties in the application.

The objects recognition is done by 2 modes.

1. Recording Mode
2. Playing Mode.

- Recording mode captures the physical description of an object from the application and then is assigned with logical name, available in the script Playing mode is reciprocal / exact opposite to recording mode, in which logical name from the script is captured and matches with physical description of the object that is available in the application.

- Objects to be tested in WinRunner are recognized using GUI map file. The objects description is stored in the GUI map file which is read by WinRunner. This description is then located and matched with same properties of an object in the application.
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