Testing - Tips for Bug Tracking.

Tips for Bug Tracking

Create Small Tasks:

When the number of tasks is large, it is hard to track the bugs. The tasks grow when they are shared among members of the team without much intention. The tasks should be small and not include multiple tasks in them. The larger tasks should split into smaller tasks, which helps the team members to review them easily.

Group tasks:

Categorize the similar tasks into groups. The tasks can be easily tracked and it is easier for finding them for each member of the team. It is wise to separate the tasks by type.

Draft the reproducing steps:

Write down certain steps to reproduce bugs for developers, and avoid the steps which are large in number. Have smaller number of steps which is easier for identifying a but for a developer.

Task flow:

The tasks must always revert to the person who created it or required for reviewing it. If it is a bug, it should be reverted to the tester. The tester can close the bug, since he/she is the one who saw the bug first and can be sure for fixing it. A task should ‘never’ be closed by another person other than the one who created it.

Less means more

Try to hide the tasks which are currently not having priority. Focusing on the important tasks, get the team to overview better.

Tips for Bug Tracking

1. If any bug found is confusing, it should be discussed with the developer.
2. The bugs should follow a proper cycle until closed.
3. If any bug closed by developer is not fixed, it should be reopened.
4. Never assume while tracking a bug.
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