UML Diagram (Unified Modeling Language)

Diagram in UML

- Class Diagram
- Object Diagram
- Use case Diagram
- Sequence Diagram
- Collaboration Diagram
- Statechart Diagram
- Activity Diagram
- Component Diagram
- Deployment Diagram

Define diagrams in UML?

Graphical representation of a set of elements.

Mention the different kinds of modeling diagrams used in UML?

Modeling diagrams that are commonly used are:

Use case diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagram, Sequence Diagram, statechart Diagram, Collaboration Diagram, Activity Diagram, Component diagram, Deployment Diagram.

How are the diagrams divided in UML?

The nine diagrams are divided into static diagrams and dynamic diagrams.

Static Diagrams (Structural Diagram): Class diagram, Object diagram, Component Diagram, Deployment diagram.

Dynamic Diagrams (Behavioral Diagrams): Use Case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Collaboration Diagram, Activity diagram, Statechart diagram.
UML Class Diagram (Unified Modeling Language)
Class diagram in UML-Class diagram represents a set of classes, interfaces and collaborations............
UML Object Diagram (Unified Modeling Language)
Object diagram in UML-Object diagram represents a set of objects and their relationships.......
Use Case diagrams - UML Tutorial
Use Case diagrams - A use case diagram depicts different users of the system and the functions of the system......
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