UML - Define SDLC?

Define SDLC?

- SDLC is Software Development Life Cycle.
- SDLC of a system included processes like Use case driven, Architecture centric, Iterative and Incremental.
- This Life cycle is divided into phases.
- Phase is a time span between two milestones.
- The milestones are Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition.
- Process Workflows that evolve through these phase are Business Modeling, Requirement gathering, Analysis and Design. Supporting Workflows are configuration, change management, and project management.

Explain the types of diagrams in UML.
We have nine types of diagram in UML: Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram, Object diagram, State Diagram...
What are the advantages of using UML?
UML breaks the complex system into discrete pieces that can be understood easily. ....
UML - Building Block
Building Block of UML, Things Structural Things Behavioral things Grouping things.........
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