UML views - What are the different views in UML?

What are the different views in UML?

- Use Case view - Presents the requirements of a system.
- Design View - Capturing the vocabulary.
- Process View - Modeling the systems processes and threads.
- Implementation view - Addressing the physical implementation of the system.
- Deployment view - Model the components required for deploying the system.
UML - Define SDLC?
SDLC - SDLC of a system included processes like Use case driven, Architecture centric, Iterative and Incremental..
Explain the types of diagrams in UML.
We have nine types of diagram in UML: Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram, Object diagram, State Diagram...
What are the advantages of using UML?
UML breaks the complex system into discrete pieces that can be understood easily. ....
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