UML modeling - Define modeling in UML and it advantages.

Define modeling in UML and it advantages.

- Model is a simplification of reality.
- Blueprint of the actual system.
- Specify the structural and behavior of the system.
- Templates for designing the system.
- Helps document the system.


- Provides standard for software development.
- Reducing of costs to develop diagrams of UML using supporting tools.
- Development time is reduced.
- The past faced issues by the developers are no longer exists.
- Has large visual elements to construct and easy to follow.

What are the three types of modeling in UML?

The three types of modeling in UML are as follows:
1. Structural modeling:

- It captures the static features of a system.
- It consists of the following diagrams:
   1. Classes diagrams
   2. Objects diagrams
   3. Deployment diagrams
   4. Package diagrams
   5. Composite structure diagram
   6. Component diagram

- This model represents the framework for the system and all the components exist here.
- It represents the elements and the mechanism to assemble them.
- It never describes the dynamic behavior of the system.

2. Behavioral modeling:

- It describes the interaction within the system.
- The interaction among the structural diagrams is represented here.
- It shows the dynamic nature of the system.
- It consists of the following diagrams:
   1. Activity diagrams
   2. Interaction diagrams
   3. Use case diagrams
- These diagrams show the dynamic sequence of flow in the system.

3. Architectural modeling:

- It represents the overall framework of the system.
- The structural and the behaviour elements of the system are there in this system.
- It is defined as the blue print for the entire system.
- Package diagram is used.
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