UML diagram - Explain types of diagrams are there in UML.

Explain types of diagrams are there in UML.

- Activity diagram: Activity diagram represents the procedural logic, business process and work flow that supports parallelism.
- Class Diagram: A diagram which describes the attributes and the methods of a class and the relationships between the classes.
- Component diagram: A component diagram depicts how the object oriented components are wired together from larger components.
- Deployment Diagram: Depicts the physical deployment of artifacts. The allocation of artifacts to nodes as per the deployments defined among them.
- Use Case diagram: A behavioral diagram which is defined and analyzed by using case to case.
- Sequence Diagram: It is a kind of interactive diagram which shows the flow of operations of properties, objects with other entities and objects.
- Collaboration diagrams: The interactions between objects like a sequence of messages are represented in this diagram. They describe the basic structure and dynamic behavior of a system.
- State chart diagram: State chart describes the behavior of system in response to the external stimuli. Trigger the specific events are modeled by the state chart diagrams.
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