21 WMLScript interview questions and answers


WMLScript interview questions and answers

1.What is the function of WMLScript?
2.What is the use of WML in WMLScript?
3.Write a program that provides the declaration of the document using WML markup? - WMLScript
4.What is the use of WML decks? - WMLScript
5.What is the process where WML cards request the device to access WAP? - WMLScript
6.Write a program to show the process of receiving the list of shops in user’s location? - WMLScript
7.What is the support of mobile devices for WMLScript?
8.What is the process of adding the client side logic to WAP using WMLScript?
9.What is the purpose of using WMLScript?
10.What are the data types used in WMLScript?
11.What are the different components of WMLScript?
12.What is the function of WMLScript Control Statements?
13.How does WMLScript function written?
14.What are the standard libraries used by WMLScripts?
15.What are the types of WMLScript comments?
16.How does Case sensitivity achieved and white spaces used in WMLScript?
17.What are the designing parameters used in WMLScripts?
18.What is the program structure of WMLScript?
19.What are the different WML Commands used in WMLScript?
20.What is the use of functions in WMLScript?
21.Explain the Flash vs. Animated Images and Java Applets.

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