WebSphere - Explain the architecture of WebSphere

Explain the architecture of WebSphere.

WebSphere architecture consists of one or more computer systems which are called nodes. Nodes are available within WebSphere cell. A WebSphere cell can have one node. On this node all the needed softwares installed. If a WebSphere cell contains more than one node, then all the software components are distributed among the nodes. The software components that are installed in one node can share in the distributed environment. This distribution enables for scalability, reliability.

The following are the components:

1. A web server which provides the services of HTTP
2. A database server for data persistence
3. WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

Explain the architecture of WebSphere.

The WebSphere HTTP plug-in architecture has the following characteristics:

1. The Web server plug-in is implemented as a filter, which examines all incoming HTTP requests and routes them to other Web servers based on the composition of the URL.
2. Each Web server has it’s own API that allows filters to be implemented.
3. Standards-based protocols (HTTP/S) that are supported by firewall products are used.
4. SSL can be used within the DMZ to encrypt network traffic between the Web server and the application server.
5. The configuration file used by the plug-in is XML-based, and easy to administer. Multiple redirection rules may be defined to one or more application servers as dictated by the topology chosen.
6. The plug-in supports load balancing and failover capabilities, which offer further scalability with very little additional administrative effort.
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