Abinitio interview questions and answers

1. We know rollup component in Abinitio is used to summarize group of data record then why do we use aggregation?
2.What kind of layouts does Abinitio support?
3.How do you add default rules in transformer? - Abinitio
4.How to run a graph infinitely? - Abinitio
5.What is a look-up? - Abinitio
6.What is a ramp limit? - Abinitio
7.What is a Rollup component? - Abinitio
8.How to add default rules in transformer? - Abinitio
9.What is the difference between partitioning with key / hash and round robin? - Abinitio
10.Explain the methods to improve performance of a graph? - Abinitio
11.What is the function that transfers a string into a decimal? - Abinitio
12.Describe the Evaluation of Parameters order - Abinitio
13.Explain PDL with an example. - Abinitio
14.State the working process of decimal_strip function - Abinitio
15.State the first_defined function with an example - Abinitio
16.What is MAX CORE of a component? - Abinitio
17.What are the operations that support avoiding duplicate record? - Abinitio
18.What parallelisms does Abinitio support?
19.What is a deadlock and how it occurs? - Abinitio
20.What is a deadlock and how it occurs? - Abinitio
21.What is the difference between check point and phase? - Abinitio

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nice site to get knowledge

Lakshminarayana 06-6-2016 06:27 PM

Ab Initio

Thanks for your help

sunny 03-15-2015 11:38 PM



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