Action script interview questions and answers

1. What is the main purpose of ActionScript?
2.What are the features provided by ActionScript 3.0?
3.What are the features involved in updating a language?
4.Write a program to show the external ActionScript?
5.Write a program use a text field and display it using the ActionScript?
6.What are the data types supported by ActionScript?
7.What are the complex data types used in ActionScript?
8.What are the different primitive data types used in ActionScript?
9.What does the void function and object contain in ActionScript?
10.What is the difference between an Array and Vector? - ActionScript
11.What are the different utils libraries in ActionScript?
12.What are the functions used with flash media? - ActionScript
13.Write a program that shows the usage of data types? - ActionScript
14.What are the changes presented by ActionScript?
15.What are the different ways in which the variables can be assigned? - ActionScript
16.What does reference means in ActionScript?
17.How does removal of actual objects and data work in ActionScript?
18.What are the ways in which ActionScript’s code can be protected?
19.Write a program to create custom list in ActionScript?
20.What are the differences between JavaScript and ActionScript?

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