How to choose the best media to promote your advertisement

How would you choose the best media to promote your advertisement?

It depends on the following factors:

- Reach
- Geographical spread
- Nature of target audience/clusters
- Previous successful track records
- Low budget; high returns etc.
How effective is online advertising?
Today, internet plays a pivotal role in both B2B and B2C space. Internet advertising helps the company to reach a large target audience in a small budget and also is easily measurable...........
Factors to decide the target audience of your Ad - Advertising
The following are the factors to be considered before deciding the target audience for any advertisements:..........
Explain a.) Deceptive Ad b.) Unfair Ad - Advertising
Deceptive advertising is also known as “False Advertising”. It is one form of advertising that will equip consumers with false and misleading information...........
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