Anatomy interview questions and answers


Anatomy interview questions and answers

1. How many systems are there in a human body? Name them.
2. Which hormones are involved in the urinary sytem of a human body? 3. Which hormones are produced by kidneys? 4. What is a structure consisting of 2 or 3 tissues called as? 5. Explain the anatomy of a human brain? 6. Explain the following:
a.) Brown-Sequard syndrome
b.) Horner's syndrome
c.) Turner's Syndrome
7. Name the structures passing through Juglar foramen.
8. Which nerve root is associated with the following reflexes?
a.) Triceps
b.) Platella
c.) Achilles
9. Which processes require injection of radio isotopes in the body? 10. What does serous membrane do? 11. What do you mean by homeostatic imbalance?

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