Biology interview questions and answers


Biology interview questions and answers

1. Why did you decide to make a career in biology?
2. Explain:
a.) Xylem
b.) Phloem
c.) Centriole
3. Differentiate between a polar and non-polar molecule.
4. What is the role of Iodine in killing germs?
5. Why do different organism inhabit different kinds of places?
6. What are annual rings? Do all vascular plants develop them?
7. You are given a heart. How would you find out if it is the heart of a bird or a mammal?
8. Provide an analogy to mitocondria.
9. What is the role of a flower's fragrance in pollination?
10. What is the minimum and maximum temperature a human body can survive?
11. Effect of the rupture of cell/ plasma membrane.
12. Why does the colour of leaves change?
13. What does a mosquito bite itch?
14. Give some examples of homeostasis?
15. Provide an analogy for centrioles.
16. What are ribosomes?
17. Why does DNA twist?
18. Why can't you see in dark after coming from sunlight?
19. How do you keep breathing even when you are asleep?
20. What is the function of endocrine system in body?
21. What does gall bladder do? What happens when it is removed?
22. How much capacity of stomach is filled with gases in a normal human being?

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