How would you manage your accommodation? - Call Center FAQ

How would you manage your accommodation?

This question might be thrown at you unexpectedly to see your reaction. To answer this, you can just say that accommodation will not be a problem, you will manage.

Would relocation be a problem for you?

Think over this before you appear for the interview. Do not say “Yes” if you mean “No” otherwise you will face problems after you have joined.

Can you speak for two minutes on one of these topics?

You will be given some general topics to see you communication skills, on the spot thinking capability etc. So, read a lot and be ready to speak on some general topics.

Do you know anything about our company?

Answer to this question shows your level of interest in the job and company. Make it sure that you read about the company before appearing for an interview.

Do you know anyone who works for us?

Give a reference if you know anyone inside.

Why should we hire you?

To answer this question, you need to prepare well in advance. Read through the requirements of the job properly and match the qualities, skills and experience you have with the requirement. Now offer this as a reason for you to be hired.
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