Do you think you can work under pressure? - Call Center FAQ

Do you think you can work under pressure?

Work and pressure are always going to co-exist. It might be the pressure at work or on personal front but you should be able to deal with it. So, the answer to this question should be “Yes” backed up with some example where you worked under pressure.

If you were hiring for this position, what qualities would you look for?

A person in a particular role needs to have some qualities, skills and expertise. Analyse the ones required by the position and offer them as an answer.

For e.g. – if it is a support job –offer analytical skills, problem solving skills, patience and communication skills as an answer.

What is your expected salary?

Don’t jump at a figure when asked a question about expected salary. Put the ball back in interviewer’s court by asking them, “What does the company offer for a position like this?” If you are the one who has to speak out the figure first, give a range which is not too broad for. e.g. I expect something in mid thirties or something.
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Can you perform under pressure?
Pressure has never been a problem for me. It’s worry that keeps us from using our potential to the optimum. I choose not to worry and concentrate on the task at hand. Moreover, I believe that nothing is impossible to the human faculty. If we can work with a positive attitude and faith in ourselves, then anything can be accomplished. Also, pressure seems to bring out the best in us. So yes, I can definitely perform under pressure.
Nandagopan Baiju 08-22-2013