Sql server - What are CUBES?

What are CUBES?

A data cube stores data in a summarized version which helps in a faster analysis of data. The data is stored in such a way that it allows reporting easily.

e.g.Using a data cube A user may want to analyze weekly, monthly performance of an employee. Here, month and week could be considered as the dimensions of the cube.

Define Rollup and cube.

Custom rollup operators provide a simple way of controlling the process of rolling up a member to its parents values.The rollup uses the contents of the column as custom rollup operator for each member and is used to evaluate the value of the member’s parents.

If a cube has multiple custom rollup formulas and custom rollup members, then the formulas are resolved in the order in which the dimensions have been added to the cube.

What are CUBES?

A cube can also be called as a business process. Multidimensional data is represented as cube. The cube’s edge contains dimension and the body of the cube contain data. Cube is used by business intelligence industry as it best describes the resulting data.
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