Sql server - What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?

What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?

Time series algorithm can be used to predict continuous values of data. Once the algorithm is skilled to predict a series of data, it can predict the outcome of other series. The algorithm generates a model that can predict trends based only on the original dataset. New data can also be added that automatically becomes a part of the trend analysis.

e.g. Performance one employee can influence or forecast the profit.

What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?

Time series algorithm provides regression algorithms that are used for optimizing for forecasting of continuous values like sales, over time, temperature. This algorithm can predict the trends that are based only on the original data set that is used to create a model.

Performing cross prediction is one of the important features of Time Series algorithm. If two related series are used, the resultant model can be used for predicting outcome of one series that is based on the behavior of other series.
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