21 delphi interview questions and answers


Delphi interview questions and answers

1. What are the different types of pointers used in Delphi?
2.What is the function of Dynamic arrays? - Delphi
3.What are the different ways of defining array sizes? - Delphi
4.How do abstract classes differ from Interfaces? - Delphi
5.What are the reasons involved in using the interface? - Delphi
6.What are the different types of inheritances present in Delphi?
7.How does inheritance operate when using the object of the classes? - Delphi
8.What is the function of Inheritance in Delphi?
9.Explain the methods FindFirst, FindNext and FindClose? - Delphi
10.What are the different types of object allocations methods in Delphi?
11.How is the memory used within an object in Delphi?
12.Consagous Technologies placement experience
13.Write a program to show the memory leak? - Delphi
14.Why is there no automation in releasing the memory automatically during the termination of the program? - Delphi
15.What are the problems faced by memory leaks? - Delphi
16.What does memory leak show in Delphi?
17.How does Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) work? - Delphi
18.What is the process of exception handling in Delphi?
19.What are the ways to close a modal form? - Delphi
20.What is the procedure to connect Delphi application to MS access database?
21.What is the procedure to access the database from Delphi?

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