18 flash interview questions and answers


Flash interview questions and answers

1. How to embed Flash in HTML?
2.What is meant by Vector Graphic Animation? What is the use of pre-loader? - Flash
3.What is the use of depth? How many methods for depth are available? - Flash
4.What is Event Flow? - Flash
5.How to start a graphic animation at a specific frame? - Flash
6.What is the difference between _root and parent? - Flash
7.Differentiate between AS2 and AS3. - Flash
8.How to create scrolling gallery in portfolio? - Flash
9.Describe ChangeWatcher.watch. - Flash
10.Give an example that illustrates polymorphism in Flash Script.
11.How to make synchronous data calls in ActionScript? - Flash
12.How to add event listeners in MXML components. Name the AS3 components? - Flash
13.How to Change background color and Stage size? - Flash
14.How to Add an effect to the movie clip? - Flash
15.How to Create a logo using Pen tool? - Flash
16.Write a function for a button. - Flash
17.How to Play a movie clip? - Flash
18.How to Add conditional logic for the Submit button? - Flash

1. What kind of tool Photoshop is?
2. Name few open source alternatives of Photoshop.
3. What are the minimum system requirements to run Photoshop? Is it possible to run Photoshop over linux?
4. Compare photoshop with gimp.
5. List the features & capabilities of Photoshop.
6. Name the color spaces supported by photoshop.
7. Name all of the photoshop panels.
8. What do you understand by birds-eye-view?
9. What is the significance of history panel?
10. If you are given with an image which is blurred, which tools you would use in order to sharpen it up?
11. How can you reduce noise of an image?
12. What do you understand by red-eye removal?
13. Is it possible to create animations through photoshop?
14. Mention the list of file formats supported by photoshop.
15. Name the brushes you have used in photoshop.
16. What is difference between Adobe’s Photoshop & Adobe’s Photoshop Extended?
17. Which color models Photoshop uses?
18. What is the extension of a Photoshop Document?
19. What are the layers & masks in photoshop?
20. What is PSB & how it is different from PSD?
21. What is a Photoshop plug-in? Name few of them.
22. What are four main components of Photoshop workspace?
23. How many menus will you find on the menu bar? List all of them.
24. What is the shortcut to zoom back to 100%?
25. How to find out the name of the too, if you do not know?
26. What is default color for foreground & background in photoshop?
27. How can you make an image transparent?
28. Which tool you would prefer to use when you want to crop a human portrait from an image?
29. How one can resize an image in photoshop?
30. How will you pick color from an image?
31. What is a smart object?
32. What is method of making a color gradient in photoshop?
33. Which too(s) will you choose to slice up an image in Adobe Photoshop?
34. How can you create artistic borders for an image?
35. What is the quickest way to achieve artistic borders?
36. Explain about stress analysis in Adobe Photoshop?
37. How do we print grid in Photoshop?
38. What are Bezier curves? How can they be plotted in the photoshop?
39. Can you make gif animations using photoshop tool?
40. How can we align layers of an image relative to each other?
41. What all operations you can perform over a layer?
42. What is a lasso tool? For what purposes it can be used?
43. Name few cropping techniques that could be performed with photoshop.
44. How can you adjust the zoom level of the canvas?
45. How can one achieve dodging, burning & smudging effects in photoshop?
46. What is a clone tools?
47. What is a heal tool?
48. What do you mean by Gaussian Blur?
49. How can you draw fuzzy lines in photoshop? Which tool will you prefer to use?
50. Name few file formats to which a photoshop project can exported to.

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